How to Brush Your Teeth | Brushing Techniques


Brushing your teeth is important to keep up your teeth healthy. Brushing washes off the bacteria which is the cause of tooth decay and also the plaque that may be the reason for gum disease.

You brush your teeth every day. Also, help your child in learning ways to do brush as you are the first and the best teacher for them. If you start doing this from an early age; then they might not have many problems in making it a habit. You can also brush with them during day and night to make them cheerful and enjoy brushing.

However, did you recognize the correct technique to tried doing it? This article explains an easy tooth brushing technique to keep your teeth exactly like pearly whites. So, How to brush your teeth?

How to brush your teeth Brushing techniques

Modified Bass Brushing Technique-

The Modified Bass Brushing Technique is the most generally accepted and gives extreme healthy results for adults. Following these steps can assist you to follow the modified bass technique with a lot of ease.

  1. Always start by putting the brush at a 45° angle over the front surface of the teeth. Bristles should touchlines of both tooth and gum.
  2. Proceed to move the brush in a circular and tiny shaking motion.
  3. Brush behind the teeth i.e. inside surface, in a tiny back and forth motion.
  4. Brush behind the upper teeth by slightly vertically tilting the brush in an up and down motion.
  5. Softly brush and clean the tongue and gum line. 
  6. Clean behind the upper teeth by slightly vertically tilting the brush in an up and down motion.
  7. Clean the chewing surfaces of the teeth using a backward and forward motion.
  8. Use Dental Floss-After brushing your teeth, if you really want to clean the gaps between the teeth, you should use dental floss. Dental floss is a threadlike structured product used to remove food and plaque present in between teeth. Generally, a toothbrush is unable to reach in such areas.

Note- Change your brush every time you get sick (Fever or Cold) or mouth-related problems such as throat infection.


Choosing the right Toothbrush

With all of the various toothbrushes offered within the market, you will be confused to choose which one will suits best for your teeth. Almost all people, always select hard-bristled toothbrushes, they think that the harder we tend to scrub, the better we are cleaning our teeth. Well, it is a big misconception; every individual has different bone density, strength, and tooth problems. Plus the reality is, hard-bristled toothbrushes will harm the root surface, gums, and tooth enamel. Hence, for many people, a soft-bristled toothbrush is the foremost comfortable and safest option for their teeth. 

So, if you’ve got sensitive teeth, the most effective thing is to try and do ask your tooth doctor concerning your toothbrush choices.

According to the American Dental Association recommend that individuals should brush their teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes, at least twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush. And follow proper tooth brushing techniques for your healthy teeth.

If your tooth starts bleeding, it means that you are not brushing it properly. Usually, when you bring a new brush, you will find slight bleeding. Don’t worry this is just because the bristle of the new brush is a little harder than the older one which causes bleeding.