Health Benefits of Dates


Dates fruit is suspected to be originated in Iraq. The seeds of this fruit were used for animal feed. Dates oil is used in various cosmetics and soaps. These are also added as an add-on to coffee beans. Fresh dates are available on the market from August to December. However, an individual can buy dried dates throughout any month of the year. There are numerous benefits of eating dates in the morning also eating dates on an empty stomach will help you get more nutrition. 

Health Benefits of Dates

1. Improve bone health

Dates are wealthy sources of manganese, magnesium, selenium, and copper which contain all of that is necessary content for your bones to be healthy and it also stops bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis.

Dates also are rich in vitamin K that could be a blood coagulator and assist in metabolizing bones.

2. Promote weight gain

Yes, surprisingly dates do not reduce weight. So, if you are too skinny and are trying to gain some kilos, dates can be one of the best additions to your diet.

3. Dates benefits for Skin

Dates consist of vitamins C and D which is good for skin’s elasticity.

Dates are also associated with anti-aging benefits; they prevent the building up of melanin in your body

benefits of dates fruit

4. Healthy heart

Antioxidants present in dates stop atherosclerosis that is basically a situation of the arteries obtaining blood which is dense and clogged with plaque. Date’s antioxidants help in cholesterol removal from the artery wall.

Dates also consist of isoflavones which are far-famed to scale back the chance of heart disease.

5. Assist regulate cholesterol

Dates are rich in iron and also contain no cholesterin which makes them a great fruit for our body.

6. Prevent hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are said to be a common complication throughout maternity. Plus this might be caused due to inappropriate fiber in women’s health. As we know dates are wonderful sources of fiber. They will assist in preventing hemorrhoids throughout maternity.

7. Reduces constipation

Dates are good sources of fiber also the pulp extract maintains the gastro-intestinal transfer operation and may support the treatment of constipation. There is mineral content deregulation that happens throughout constipation which is normalized by the pulp of the date fruit. The fibers found in dates are also examined to stop cancers of the digestive system.

8. Boost brain health

Daily consumption of dates has been coupled to a lower chance of getting neurodegenerative diseases and higher cognitive production in aged people.

9. Treat diarrhea

As mentioned above Dates are rich in potassium, and it will surely help in curing diarrhea patients.

10. Regulates blood pressure

Dates have a high percentage of potassium, and therefore this mineral aids lowering blood pressure levels in our body.

Health Benefits of dates

11.  Prevent night blindness

The primary reason for night blindness could be a deficiency in vitamin A. 

12. Boost energy

The date fruit consists of several nutrients and minerals that facilitate enhance your energy levels. 

13.  Shield from colon cancer

Taking dates also will increase the expansion of useful bacteria within the gut which enhances colon health and prevent us from diseases like colon cancer.