Health Benefits of basil seeds (Sabja seeds)


The basil plant is also known as sweet basil and credited for its amazing immunity-boosting feature. Basil plant is known healthy for our body and so are the seeds too. The basil seeds help in weight loss.

Basil seeds nutrition are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and are filled with a decent amount of fiber and necessary fats. Apparently, these seeds do not contain calories. They’re hard to chew, thus don’t take them raw. It’s always advisable to soak basil seeds in water before consuming that makes them additionally gelatinous.

How to Eat Basil Seeds

Basil seeds are more nutritious once soaked in water before in-taking it.

They begin to swell as soon as touched with water they become double their size after 15 minutes and looks like a translucent white thin coating on every black seed. Warm water helps in releasing antioxidants and useful digestive enzymes.

Health benefits of basil seeds (sabja seeds) are-

1. Reduces Body Heat

Basil seeds are used to make a drink of lime water or milkshakes. It’s an excellent drink to sip on hot summer days. They’re one amongst the most effective body coolants. They’re known to reduce your body heat that is why people usually take them as refreshing drinks.


2. Cures cough and flu

Basil seeds also help in curing the itching sensation of the throat while coughing and helps in relieving it. 

3. Controls blood sugar Levels

Basil seeds are thought to be good for people having type 2 diabetics. They cut down the metabolism of our body and therefore maintain the formation of carbohydrates into glucose

4. For healthy skin and hair

Crushed Basil seeds into oil and applied on affected areas aids in the treatment of many skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. For hair, crush the seeds and soak it in a bowl of coconut oil and warm it for one minute before using.

Basil seeds are filled with iron, protein, and vitamin K which are essential for strong hair and it also promotes hair growth. 

5. Treats acidity and heartburn

Basil seeds soothe abdomen burn and remove the toxins from your body. As we know acidity is caused due to HCL (hydro-choleric acid), Basil seeds neutralize the acidic impact of HCL within the body. Soaked Basil seeds aids in reliving the abdomen lining and also the burning sensation.


6. Basil seeds help in weight loss

Basil seeds nutrients are famed to be rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that comes under extreme levels of omega-3 fatty acids present within the seeds. These acids assist in enhancing the fat burning metabolism within the body. It’s also filled with fiber which prevents cravings. 

7. Relieves bloating and constipation 

Basil seeds are best-known to manage smooth bowel movements and detoxify your body. Having a glass of milk with some Basil seeds before getting to bed, this acts as an abdomen cleanser. Sabja seeds consist of oils that help in soothing acidity from the digestive tract and improve digestion.