Best Natural Treatments For Arthritis


Arthritis is an inflammatorily disease causing pain in areas such as joints, hands, back, ankle, fingers, muscles, or wrist joint. Sunlight is the best natural supplement for arthritis.

Depending on the type of arthritis you’ve got signs and symptoms might include:


• Stiffness

• Slow motion

• Pain

• Fatigue

• Swelling

Natural remedies for arthritis without medicines are- 

• Soak up some sun

Not even the medicines or dairy product has such an amazingly powerful source of Vitamin D. As we know that people with arthritis are deficient in vitamin D. Studies found that getting a lot of vitamin D could shield joints from arthritis pain. To boost your vitamin D level, get in the sun for ten to fifteen minutes for at least 3 to 4 times a week. That’s all your body needs. Sunlight is the best natural supplement for arthritis.

• Ginger tea

It comes in the topmost medicine for arthritis pain relief. It appears to work by controlling pain on that part of the body having an inflammatory response.

natural treatments for arthritis

• Have omega-3 fatty acids foods

Omega-3 fatty acids are a wonderful food for soothing pains.

Remember to always cook with canola oil and not with corn oil. Canola oil has omega-3s acid whereas corn oil has omega-6 acid which might really build inflammation and make the pain worse.

• Get enough vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in manufacturing collagen which is a significant part of joints. However, they also brush the body from damaging free radicals that are harmful to joints. Fruits like Guava, Strawberries, Red pepper, Kiwi, Orange, Green peppers, Black Currant have a high amount of vitamin C.

• Make your own heat pad

Chamomile tea is a medicine that will facilitate ease of inflammatory disease pain. Use chamomile tea bags in a cup of hot water.

Dip a cloth in the liquid and apply it to the affected painful joint.

• Give joints the cold-hot treatment 

For this, you need two containers. Fill the first container with cold water and few ice cubes and the other with hot water at a temperature you can bear to touch. In the beginning, submerge the hurting joint for a moment in cold water, then switch to the hot water and dip for thirty seconds. Repeat this procedure for about 15 minutes.

• Add cloves to your diet

Cloves consist of a medicinal drug chemical known as eugenol that interrupts the bodily function which is responsible for triggering the inflammatory disease.

treatments for arthritis

• Green tea

Drink four cups of green tea every day. A person drinking green tea has a way to less possibility to develop the inflammatory disease. 

• Make a ginger paste

Crush some ginger mix it with few drops of water and apply it to the affected part, this will drop the pain in that area.

• Up your calcium consumption

Dairy is the most far-famed supply of calcium, however, cooked foods created from milk can be an amazingly good supply. Veggies such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and turnip greens have less calcium than a dairy product, however, they are also necessary as it has a feature to absorb calcium in our body.

• Turmeric

Many studies have found that turmeric contains enzymes and proteins which particularly reduce pain and swelling in arthritis patients.