Tooth brushing mistakes you do


It might seem an easy task, but very few of us brush teeth properly. What tooth brushing mistakes you do?

1. You pick the wrong brush.

Ensure that your brush is able to cover the place which needs to be covered. It is very important to have a soft bristle brush so that it doesn’t hurt our gum badly.

For a smaller mouth, the brush’s head is needed to be checked. Now a day’s brushes come in different handles and different angles with more flexibility.

But the contradictory thing is that even dentists said that the bristle which washes the bacteria, also loosen plaque from your teeth which can lead to any gum disease and tooth decay.

It has been found that Soft bristles can wash off your mouth more effectively, than hard bristles.


2. Do not scrub your teeth more

Some people have a misconception that the harder the bristles are, the more they can clean nicely. But that’s not true.

Plaque is smooth and loose, so if you scrub more than needed it will infect your gum. 

3.  How long to brush teeth?

Most of us, who wake up late, have a habit to rush at the time of brushing. Do you know that it might leave a bad breath and your surrounding people will stay away from you?  

How long to brush teeth? Brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes both times. Even if you are getting late, you need to brush for 2 minutes. You can set a timer for 2 minutes. You can also play music on your speakers. If you do so, you might brush your teeth for a longer duration. 

4. Get a new brush

If you found your brush where its bristle is been bent, discolored, or dirty. Well, it’s time to change the brush with a new one.

Your brush has lost its powers to wash your teeth properly. Therefore, change it after every 3 to 4 months. Also, do not share your brush with anyone else, even not with loved ones. Always keep your brush open air to keep it away from bacteria from growing.

5. You go back and forth.

While brushing, assume that you are massaging, and not scrub your teeth. You should go back and forth motion, and then up and down motion.

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6. Floss your teeth

After brushing your teeth, use dental floss to clean the gaps between your teeth. Dental floss is a thread-like product used for removing food and plaque which is present in between teeth and where a brush can’t reach this area. 


7. Do not forget the gum line.

Bacteria often occur on your tooth and on your gum. And we usually miss the area.

You should brush your whole tooth which includes teeth and under the gum.

Also, do not forget to brush the tongue-side. Most people don’t brush the tongue side of the teeth.