How to maintain teeth


Having a good bone density in your body doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of your teeth. For healthy teeth, proper oral hygiene and regular dentist visits can assist you to maintain healthy gums. If you took proper care of your teeth you might have pearly white teeth. Take healthy care of your teeth as they are the only body part that helps you chewing the nutrients from the food and nourishes your body. If not taken care of time, then during your old days you might look like a toothless adult.

Here are some tips to assist you to take care of your teeth-

1. Daily brush your teeth at least twice

Minimum two times a day, brush your teeth and the most effective time to brush teeth is after meals. Brushing ways should in a circular motion, diagonal motions, side by side, up and down. Always select a toothbrush with a little head for a higher approach to the backside of the teeth. Also, check whether the brush is having soft bristles as they are harmless to your gums. This can assist you to cover all the areas of the tooth surface and brush away all of the food particles and bacteria.


2. Your brushing time should be for a total of two and three minutes.

3. Floss your teeth daily

While brushing you can’t reach the little gaps between the teeth and cannot possibly clean it. So, there is definitely some food scrap and plaque from the edges of the back-most of teeth which surely you need to clean. Therefore, you need to floss your teeth daily.

4. Don’t take acidic drinks such as soft drinks, and energy drinks. Acidic drinks dissolve the minerals in enamel and inflict holes on the teeth (also called as cavities). In some extreme cases, the teeth could also be eaten all the way down to the gum.

5. Limit sweetened foods

 Bacteria present in plaque change sugars into acids and affect the teeth.


6. Use fluoridated toothpaste

Fluoride constitutes of properties which help in hardening enamel of a tooth and lowers tooth decay. 

7. Avoid cracking any hard object or food. Such as avoiding opening bottle tops or rip off the package, you might be at high risk of chipping or perhaps breaking your teeth.  Even a normal packet has bacteria on the top of the package which can be harmful to teeth.

8. If you have got a dental problem like excessive tooth sensitivity (a toothache), discolored teeth, or bleeding gums, you ought to visit your tooth doctor  

9. Attempt to save a knocked-out tooth. 

In case of injury try to hold the tooth back in place whereas you can rush to the nearby dental clinic. If there is any possibility, wrap the tooth in plastic or locate it in milk and ask for dental doctor help instantly.

10. Shield your teeth by wearing a helmet

Protect your teeth from injury always wear a guardant helmet while taking part in sports, driving a bicycle, and motorcycle.