10 Health Benefits of Broccoli


Broccoli leaves consist of sulforaphane, the name itself tells us that broccoli is a sulfur-containing compound present in cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli is a member family of vegetables known as cruciferous vegetables and its close relatives comprise Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage. A cup of boiled broccoli leaves offers the maximum amount of vitamin C just like an orange and is a great supply of beta-carotene. Broccoli consists of zinc, iron, potassium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamins K, and magnesium. Broccoli is a decent supply of folate (folic acid). It additionally supplies fiber and is lesser in calories.  

What does the constitution of broccoli leave benefits for our health?

Fiber – Healthy foods which are rich in fiber assist digestive health. Rich fiber consumption can even reduce cholesterol levels. Also, broccoli benefits weight loss due to fiber.

Vitamin K – necessary for the operation of the many proteins involved in blood clotting

Folate – It is important for the making and continuity of recent cells within the body.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C acts as a strong antioxidant that shields the body from harming free radicals. Vitamin C also constructs collagen which forms body tissue and helps in the healing of wounds.  

Potassium – It is a mineral that’s necessary for the function of nerves and heart shrinkage.

Health Benefits of Broccoli

Health benefits of broccoli leaves are-

• Boost Liver Health

Broccoli shields the liver from damage. Broccoli will increase the degree of detoxification enzymes which helps cleaning our body. This vegetable may also stop the liver’s collapse.

• Shields from Cancer

Broccoli leaves consist of sulforaphane, or also known as naturally occurring organic sulfur. Sulforaphane is the backbone of normal cell operation and division and even promotes cell death in cancer cells (apoptosis). Eating broccoli thrice a week will cut off the chance of cancer by 60 %.

• Improves Vision Health

Research showed that broccoli may stop vision defects. Sulforaphane in broccoli has a naturally occurring antioxidant that shields the eyes from UV radiation.

They are filled with lutein and zeaxanthin which is a vital antioxidant for the human eyes. These high-antioxidants facilitate stop alternative eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

• Improves bone and teeth health

As discussed broccoli leaves contain potassium, magnesium vitamin K, iron, and calcium. All of these are very crucial for maintaining bone mineral density.

Benefits of Broccoli

• Cure allergies

A research found that consuming broccoli only for three days will definitely cause a 100 % increase in the proteins that produce antioxidants within the basal cells. Plus this may help heal allergies. It also lowers the consequences of pollution on allergic disease and asthma attack

• Promotes Heart Health

Broccoli consist of sulforaphane present within the vegetable will stop blood vessel linings and also might reverse the damage. Blood vessel linings are generally caused due to chronic sugar problems.

A research found that broccoli consumption may enhance your blood-pumping capacity of the heart.

• Better blood pressure levels

A study found that broccoli will reduce the bad cholesterol level i.e LDL and improve good cholesterol level i.e. HDL.