Foods to avoid during pregnancy


You should note that during pregnancy-

• Fruits and vegetables, they have to be completely washed before eating.

 • Avoid raw vegetables, particularly raw sprouts, and salad, as they’ll consist of harmful bacteria and viruses.

• It’s better to remove the peel of the fruits before in-taking.

 In some countries, pesticides are utilized in massive quantities.

1. Raw seafood or Meats

Raw seafood should never be consumed throughout maternity, especially uncooked fish and not even fish oils too.

• Some of them contain methylmercury that is really harmful to the fetal brain development of a child.

• Uncooked fish contains harmful bacteria and provides you infection which will surely harm the fetus. Also, having the liver of the fish should be avoided because it contains massive doses of vitamin A and at an extreme level, it will be harmful to the fetus.

2. Coffee And alternative caffeine-related drinks

An excessive amount of caffeine in your diet might cause miscarriages, and reduce the growth of a baby and might result in skinny babies. Also, caffeine scales back the dissolving of iron in your body which might cause anemia.

So avoid coffee, tea, soda, Caffeine-related drinks, or any aerated drinks during pregnancy.

3. Fruits to avoid

a. Papaya- Papayas are on the top of the list of foods to avoid in the first month of pregnancy. But also having papaya throughout maternity is taken into harmful account for the baby. Some people might take it as belief, however, even research has verified that raw and semi-ripe papayas are rich in latex which results in uterine contractions and thus might lead to early labor. But on the opposite hand, consuming totally ripe papayas while pregnant is superb.


b. Grapes ought to be avoided within the last trimester. It increases body heat. 

c. Pineapples should also be avoided as they consist of bromelain and will loosen the cervix and will result in early labor.

d. Aloe vera can cause pelvic hemorrhage which leads to miscarriage.

e. Drumsticks can cause miscarriage.

f. Peach can cause bleeding in the uterus and leads to abortion.

g. Tinned fish contain bacteria and can cause miscarriage.

h. Litchi is hot fruit that can heat up your system. It can cause abdominal cramps, bleeding, and leads to miscarriage. 

I. Soft cheese is made from unpasteurized milk (but you can eat pasteurized one) and it contains bacteria that cause abortion.

j. Canned fruit should be avoided and also any packed fruit juice which is unpasteurized.

k. Green Tea contains caffeine and should be avoided during pregnancy. 

4. Alcohol

Don’t even consider bringing alcohol close to you after you are pregnant. It’s similar to poison for your unborn child. As your baby might have health problems in the future.

5. Smoking

Every cigarette you smoke is harmful to your baby. The nicotine present in tobacco slows fetal growth giving birth to low-weight and premature babies.

6. Fats to avoid

Fats are avoided throughout maternity. As there might be the risk of excess weight gain and high cholesterol.

Avoid an excessive amount of hydrogenated oil, sour cream, donuts, butter, peanut butter, and bacon throughout maternity.

NOTE- Omega – 3, 6, 9 fatty acids can be taken during pregnancy due to its properties which develops the healthy brain of your child. 

7. Unpasteurized Juice

Pasteurization is the method of killing bacteria and different germs from fruits. The juice that you buy from the market doesn’t seem to be placed on this method. Therefore, always check the label before buying it as it will harm your child.

8. Unpasteurized dairy product

Unpasteurized milk and cheese might provide you food poisoning which will probably damage you and your fetus. Soft cheese that is imported is created from unpasteurized milk and contains bacteria. 

9. Herbal supplements

Avoid all herbal teas and supplements throughout maternity. The impact of herbal supplements on maternity is somewhat controversial. The reason could be-

• Some supplements might contain a high amount of caffeine and weight-loss components.

• You’ll never be able to be sure of their actual ingredients.

• Avoid herbs like senna, wormwood and saw palmetto, and seek advice from your doctor before you choose to have any kind of herbal tea.

• Some herbal components produce muscle contractions and will even cause early labor.

10. Raw Eggs

Eating raw eggs will cause food poisoning.


11. Canned food

The lining of cans usually contains Bisphenol A (BPA), plus the food is stored for many days and also the water content might have harmful bacteria. Thus, avoid all canned goods throughout maternity. 

12. Homemade product and frozen dessert

Homemade cookies and homemade ice-creams could also be raw and might cause food poisoning and bacterial infections. 

13. Any fast food

It is really tough for young mothers. Just avoid them for these 9 months. You don’t recognize what’s going on in the eating place kitchen; they might even not wash the veggies or meat.  Eat homemade cooked foods during your pregnancy.

14. Licorice root

It might lead to give birth to premature babies, due to excess consumption of licorice. The glycyrrhizic acid found in licorice increases cortisol levels, which increases the prostaglandin levels in the uterus which causes contractions.

The research found that pregnant women who consumed licorice had lower placental levels. Their babies have behavioral problems too.