How To Get Rid of Cold and Cough


You cannot heal colds or the flu; however, you can soothe the cough. Also, sore throat generally comes with them. You do not need to go to the doctor if it can be treated with home remedies for the cough and cold. You just need to know how to get rid of a cold overnight without medicine.

You generally ought to provide your body some time to recover. Mostly cold and cough are caused due to viruses that antibiotics can’t cure.

But, in some serious issues, coughs and cold can’t be treated with home remedies. So in such a situation, you need to go for help from a doctor. You might be having some serious problems. 

how to get rid of cold and cough fast

Home remedies for cough and cold are-

Gargle with saltwater- Do you know a glass of warm water and a spoon of salt can give you the best result. The reason behind this is that iodine present in salt can kill the throat bacteria and germs.

• Honey- Honey is known to be the best remedy for soothing sore throat. All you have to do is take warm water, add few drops of lemon, and two full teaspoons of honey.

• Drink pineapple juice- Research found that brome-lain; found only in the stem of pineapples can help relieve coughs and loosen the mucus in your throat. 

• Peppermint- Menthol found in peppermint clears the throat and helps in breaking down mucus. Add 4 drops of peppermint in a small container of hot water and place your head over the container, cover your head with a towel. And take deep breaths.

• Marshmallow

The leaves and roots of the marshmallow plant are being used for years to treat sore throats and suppress coughs. You can get marshmallow root as tea or in capsule form in the market. And a warm tea will soothe your throat.

• Eat frozen food– Yes; surprisingly the frozen food can numb the pain. You can have ice creams, or frozen dessert, or suck on ice chips. The reason behind this is, Ice cream works like an anesthetic which lowers inflammation and helps to relieve a sore throat. Ice creams with plain flavors and without an added topping of Chocó chips or nuts, you can have plain ice creams like vanilla or chocolate, which could soothe your throat.

how to get rid of cough and cold

Other methods of getting rid of sore throat are-

• Try a throat spray or lozenge

Both of these consist of some drug that helps in relieving and numb the sore throat.

• Use cough drops or candy

Cough drops containing menthol and certain herbal drops, avoid throat from being too dry, and find eliminate the tiny particle which causes throat tickle. The moisture also can smooth your respiratory system and loosen mucous secretion, helping you cough it up.


• Rest. Your body wants energy to fight back the virus. If you push yourself too hard to do work and it’ll simply exhaust you and you will feel stressed out which will make your cold, cough, and sore throat hang around longer. Thus you need to take a break from your work and get some sleep.

• Avoid dirty air- You recognize smoke isn’t good for you particularly when you are sick and having cold. It will extremely annoy your cough. Also, do not smoke, and keep a distance from others who are smoking.